Magnesium Bath Flakes 1KG

Magnesium Bath Flakes: Purer than Epsom salts and more absorbable

Concentrated Magnesium Supplementation with Magnesium bath flakes designed for baths, also known as bath salts. 20 – 30mins soak as part of your bedtime routine, helps relaxation and soothes tired and aching muscles.

Transdermal absorption is the gentlest and most effective way to supplement magnesium, made in Isreal from the dead sea our magnesium has been naturally purified of over millions of years and is free from man-made pollutants.

Helps Improve rest and muscle recovery
Supports the nervous system

Supports Bone health
Relax naturally

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Magnesium Bath Flakes

The best and safest way to absorb magnesium

Why choose Magnesium Bath Flakes?

Helps relaxation and soothes tired and aching muscles.

Supports Bone Health, Effective Magnesium Absorption, Natural Muscle relaxant, Pure Natural Source

What are Magnesium Bath Flakes?

Made from the Dead Sea Magnesium flakes provide higher bioavailability than Epsom salts via transdermal supplementation. The benefits of dead sea minerals have been long known throughout history to promote rejuvenation and well being.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms

General Anxiety, lethargy, weakness, agitation, depression, dysmenorrhea, hyperactivity, headache, irritability, dysacusis, low-stress tolerance, loss of appetite, nausea, sleep disorders, impaired athletic performance.

Muscle spasm, cramps in the soles of the feet, leg cramps, facial muscles, masticatory muscles, and calves, carpopedal spasm, backaches, neck pain, urinary spasms, magnesium deficiency tetany.

Nerves Nervousness, increased sensitivity of NMDA receptors to excitatory neurotransmitters, migraine, depression, nystagmus, paraesthesia, poor memory, seizures, tremor, vertigo.

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Magnesium Flakes FAQ’s

What’s the difference between Epsom Salts and Magnesium Flakes? Magnesium flakes absorb more easily into the body than Epsom salts. Epsom salts Magnesium sulphate is less absorbable and not as pure.

How many times should I use magnesium Flakes? We recommend once a day on an evening to relax can be used twice a day if needed.

Best way to use magnesium flakes? For maximum efficacy, we recommend 500g to 1kg of magnesium flakes in a hot bath for at least 20 30 minutes.

How much magnesium flakes should I use in a bath? 500g to 1kg if you have sensitive skin try a smaller dose of magnesium, to begin with, your body will naturally take what it needs via transdermal magnesium supplementation, but it may cause skin irritation at very high doses if you have sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of magnesium flakes? Magnesium supports bone health, the nervous system and is a natural muscle relaxant, fitness enthusiasts and professional sportspeople use magnesium as a recovery tool. 

How will it make me feel? If it’s the first time you have used magnesium flakes or are lacking in magnesium you may experience drowsiness, most people feel relaxed, and often say it promotes deep sleep. 

Who is it suitable for? Magnesium flakes are suitable for all ages, Vegans can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. No contraindications with prescribed medications. 

How to Use Your Magnesium Bath Flakes

Bath 250g Magnesium Flakes 2 cups per bath, relax and enjoy for 20-30 mins for maximum absorption. Increase the amount for a more intensive experience.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Minerals
Sold in sachet packs of 1kg